The Only Thing I Can Be Certain of is that I am Not Sure – Boxed Cat Politics

Sadly he’s right.

Robinince's Blog

Warning: as usual, no proof reading has occurred. Written rapidly on the train from Carlisle. 

I don’t know much about politics, but the one thing I know for sure is, I don’t know much about politics. I have my biases and my prejudices and, without any deliberate intention, I mainly read the bulletins, blog posts and paperbacks that confirm my position of suspicion for most politicians, parties and corporations. I like the idea of evidence based thinking, so on numerous issues it is getting harder to tick the Yes/No box when the Don’t Know box sits beneath. The confusion increases as the reading goes on.

It is getting harder to find the time and inclination for research once I have found a position that fits my temperament and personality traits, even if in a document somewhere lie the facts that make my position preposterous. It is getting easier to secure your…

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