The Olympics, the IOC, and the Corporate Hypocrisy…..

I don’t give a fuck for the Olympics these days. It’s been a Corporate Gang-Bang for a number of years, and a propaganda win for those corporations. They have overlooked Human Rights Abuses for years (China, USSR, Nazi Germany), but THIS year they more or less threw the Olympic Principals out the window. Russia has introduced “Anti Gay Propaganda” laws, and engaged in persecution and prosecution of Gay and Gay Rights supporters with the help of the Russian Orthodox Church. They are also poisoning stray animals in and around Sochi. This means dogs and cats, dying in pain and agony, whilst the IOC looks on and says nothing for fear of upsetting the Corporate Masters, oops I mean “Sponsors”. IoC Principal 6 states there should be no persecution based on race, gender, or sexuality, which is clearly breached by Russian law. The IoC have done nothing, and have in fact turned a blind eye. They are no longer fit for purpose, as they have abandoned every principle they were created with in order to make a few dollars more.


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