Putting innocent people in harms way for profit!

Nutshell Argument! Brilliant and accurate.

Social Action 2014

Putting innocent people in harms way for profit!

A letter a day to number 10. No 664.

Monday 24 February 2014. Putting innocent people in harms way for profit!

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Dear Mr Cameron,

When David Freud said that people who are poorer should be prepared to take the biggest risks as they have the least to lose, what he meant was that through dismantling the social safety net poor people should be coerced into obedience to the state through deprivation and starvation, fuel poverty and at risk of death…

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Met Office in the Media: 16 February 2014, response by Professor Mat Collins and the Met Office

The DAILY FRIGGIN’ MAIL again!! A bunch of lying fascists!

Official blog of the Met Office news team

An article by David Rose appeared yesterday in the Mail on Sunday entitled: ‘No, global warming did NOT cause the storms, says one of the Met Office’s most senior experts’

In it he says that Mat Collins, Professor in Climate Systems at Exeter University, ‘appears to contradict’ the report released by the Met Office last weekend and that he ‘declined to comment on his difference in opinion’ with one of the report’s authors, Dame Julia Slingo.

This is not the case and there is no disagreement.

The report by the Met Office states that “As yet, there is no definitive answer on the possible contribution of climate change to the recent storminess, rainfall amounts and the consequent flooding. This is in part due to the highly variable nature of UK weather and climate.”   This agrees with the latest IPCC Report that states: “Substantial uncertainty and thus low confidence remains in…

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Twenty five years on from Rushdie we are too frightened to say we are scared

Totalitarianism is only a heartbeat away

Nick Cohen: Writing from London

British publishing is now such a neurotic and hypocritical business there are stories it cannot cover. Nor should it try. When journalists, writers and artists can’t be honest with their audience, when they can’t even be honest with themselves, silence is preferable to the damage their double-standards bring.

Last month our media commemorated the imminent anniversary of the fatwa against Salman Rushdie by trying and failing to report the threats to the life of Maajid Nawaz, the chief executive of Quilliam Foundation. In a vindication of Kipling’s “once you have paid him the Dane-geld/you never get rid of the Dane” fanatics are after Nawaz not because he satirised the founding myths of Islam, as Rushdie did, or projected sexist verses from the Koran on to a naked woman’s body, as Theo van Gogh and Ayaan Hirsi Ali did, but because – brace yourselves – he tweeted a picture of Jesus…

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Tory council charges £7.50 a sandbag and MP refuses to meet flood-hit residents


Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Tories!)

Flood-hit residents in Christchurch Dorset have been told by their Tory-run Council that they have to buy sandbags at £30 for a pack of four.

They have twice written to their MP – Conservative Christopher Chope – to request a meeting to explain their frustrations, but he has ignored them.

Here’s the story reproduced in full from the Bournemouth Echo:

Angry residents blast council
ANGRY residents in a flood-hit flat block have blasted a “total lack of support” from Christchurch council and their MP, writes Melanie Vass.

Residents in Conifer Close – some of whom were evacuated on Christmas Day – say they are the “forgotten corner” of Christchurch and living in fear of further flooding.

While PM David Cameron promises that “money is no object” when it comes to helping flood victims, Conifer Close residents have had to buy their own sandbags…

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Is a mandated ‘WorkFAREhouse’ the Tories’ answer to the ‘bedroom tax’ court case?

Remember when the Manic Street Preachers sang “If you tolerate this your children will be next”? You did: They are!

Vox Political

Work camp: But is this a Nazi camp of the 1930s/40s, or a prediction of a British residential workfare scheme for the disabled in the 2010s? Work camp: But is this a Nazi camp of the 1930s/40s, or a prediction of a British residential workfare scheme for the disabled in the 2010s?

Residential Workfare for the disabled. If that sentence hasn’t already set off at least three separate alarms in your head, then you haven’t been paying attention. What follows is a warning: Stay alert. Ask questions. Do not allow what this article predicts.

Workfare, for all those who still need enlightening after three years of this particular Tory-led nightmare, is a government-sponsored way of keeping unemployment high while pretending to be doing something about it. The idea is to send unemployed people to work for a period of several weeks – often for a large employer that is perfectly capable of taking on staff at a reasonable wage – and remove them from the unemployment figures for that time, even though they continue…

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‘Scrap maternity pay’ – how Tories see the future of ‘welfare’ reform

Tories are stuck in the 1930’s! Or they want to take us back there…

Vox Political

[Image: The Guardian] [Image: The Guardian] Yesterday (February 11) we had a chance to see what the Tories – or at least some of them – want to do to state benefits.

Charlie Elphicke, Tory MP for Dover, launched a debate in the Westminster Hall in which he called for the axing of maternity pay – and other in-work benefits – to make way for a new insurance system into which employers and the self-employed would pay, and from which the costs of maternity leave and other benefits would be met. He suggested that participating employers would see a corresponding cut in their National Insurance contributions.

He said he wanted this system to pay out at minimum wage levels, rather than at the current £137 per week maternity rate. The state would back the scheme, but it would be entirely funded by businesses.

The taxpayer would not fund any of this scheme – at…

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The Olympics, the IOC, and the Corporate Hypocrisy…..

I don’t give a fuck for the Olympics these days. It’s been a Corporate Gang-Bang for a number of years, and a propaganda win for those corporations. They have overlooked Human Rights Abuses for years (China, USSR, Nazi Germany), but THIS year they more or less threw the Olympic Principals out the window. Russia has introduced “Anti Gay Propaganda” laws, and engaged in persecution and prosecution of Gay and Gay Rights supporters with the help of the Russian Orthodox Church. They are also poisoning stray animals in and around Sochi. This means dogs and cats, dying in pain and agony, whilst the IOC looks on and says nothing for fear of upsetting the Corporate Masters, oops I mean “Sponsors”. IoC Principal 6 states there should be no persecution based on race, gender, or sexuality, which is clearly breached by Russian law. The IoC have done nothing, and have in fact turned a blind eye. They are no longer fit for purpose, as they have abandoned every principle they were created with in order to make a few dollars more.