Death of democracy is confirmed as Cameron ignores the will of Parliament

Death of democracy is confirmed as Cameron ignores the will of Parliament.


Mark Duggan

I’ve been seeing a lot of comments across Twitter and Facebook on the result of the Mark Duggan inquest. He was shot dead in 2011 in a botched Police operation. At first the Police said he had fired first, because one of the officers had a bullet embedded in his radio. I believed this. It turns out, however, that the projectile was one that had already passed through the arm of Duggan before hitting the Police Radio! Then the rest of the story started coming out: No senior officer was placed in charge of the crime scene for 48 hours; the car which Duggan was travelling in when he was stopped was taken away by officers before the SOCO could examine it; the Police involved had a CONFERENCE before they wrote their reports! Come the inquest it seems the only person that claimed to have seen Duggan holding a gun was the Trigger-man, when other witnesses said he had a phone in his hand and had his hands up.

The REAL cause of all the anger, though, is the that Inquest Jury (having already agreed that Duggan was NOT holding a gun and had surrendered) said that his shooting was a LAWFUL KILLING! How does this work? “You shot an unarmed man that was surrendering, but we still think you were legally killed!”. So they all walk away, untouched by the Law they are sworn to uphold. Some are saying this is due to the fact that Duggan was Black, but Ian Tomlinson wasn’t black (knocked to the ground by Riot Police when walking home: The inquest said “Well, he had a heart condition so he was probably gonna die soon anyway.”), nor was Juan Charles DeMenezez (shot 8 times in the head at Stockwell Tube Station after being wrongly identified as a Terrorist Suspect; Police claimed he vaulted over the ticket barriers to evade them; CCTV showed otherwise). In the last 23 years there have been a large number of deaths during or after contact with Police, and NOT ONE POLICE OFFICER has been found guilty of even assault! When trust in the police is low you start to get Vigilante groups operating, and that way lies CHAOS!

The OTHER danger (with far wider implications) is that after this Coroners Court decision when someone armed with a gun IS confronted by Armed Police they will, rather than try to surrender, just start blasting away at anything they can see. Operation Trident (The Metropolitan Police codename for their “Black on Black” crime) has become discredited because of this. The Met may, to quote Air Chief Marshal “Bomber” Harris “.. Have sown the wind, now they shall reap the whirlwind”.


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