Nelson Mandela has died. This isn’t really a big shock; he was 95 and had been ill for quite some time, plus all the years of incarceration and abuse when he was on Robin Island, so all things considered 95 is a VERY good run!
Then we have all the tributes and news specials that will be broadcast over the next few days, and I’m sure there will be a few  statues/roads/buildings named after him, and the hypocrisy of those Tories and other Right-Wingers as they say how he was a great inspiration to them, when in the 1980’s they all thought he should have been hanged, drawn, and quartered for daring to think that Black Africans could be as good as European White men (YES, I’m looking at David Cameron!)!  Some of those on the right are still calling him a terrorist (which at least exempts them from accusations of Hypocrisy), but overlook that President Reagan, when Mandela was certified a Terrorist in the USA, was doing various deals with the Contras in Nicaragua involving Cocaine, weapons, and the Iranians. During the 1970’s and 1980’s most of the Western world did business with politicians that had been Terrorists, specifically Menachem Begin and Ytzak Shamir (Begin was involved in the King David Hotel bombing which killed 91 people (Many of them Jews, who the Irgun purported to represent). Did we hear this kind of hate when those 2 died? Only, it seems, from the FAR right, because everyone else was beaten with the “Any Criticism of Israel is a criticism of World Jewry!” (which is blatantly false! I don’t see many Jewish people from Golders Green or Stamford Hill bombing Palestinian women and children in the west Bank!).

Mandela did some bad things, but then again bad things were happening to many other Black people, and mostly done by White Migrants who thought they had some kind of Genetic superiority over Blacks. In that context it was survival, and in the end the White Majority had to give in. It’s a shame that so many people had to die to prove that there is no racial privilege to being white, black, brown, yellow, purple with green spots, or whatever.



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