Idiocy in the face of Hysteria

I’ve been reading through a lot of foaming bigotry and utter racist shit on Facebook tonight, and it has been about as fucking depressing as it gets. This outburst of Fascism is due to a Murder in Woolwich, London. It seems the “alleged” Perpetrators may have been Muslims, and the victim was a Soldier, and so it has been labelled by the Government a “Terrorist Act”. This has the people of Britain in some kind of demented KILL FRENZY! Sure, why NOT go out and kill every single person that’s a bit brown and has a beard? THAT won’t stoke any feelings of revenge at all, will it? What happened to the course of JUSTICE? You just KNOW that  UKIP, the EDL, and the BNP are LOVING this because it makes their job that much easier: “Look, there’s a death caused by someone BROWN! Let’s get the support of the mindless masses while we can!”. It’s sickening!
Some of you wonder how Hitler came to power; just think about how you’re reacting, and what you’re saying now, then ask yourself the same question.