The Danny Baker being dropped by the BBC thing…….

There’s been a lot on Twitter about Danny Baker having his company dropped by the BBC just as he enters the Radio Hall of Fame. Now to be fair I don’t care for his work: He always struck me as a Cock-Er-Nee bloke that got lucky and ended up as a “Media Sleb” for reasons that nobody has ever explained to me, but the way some people are banging on about this is outrageous! Prodnose IS NOT going to be scraping to pay his rent because the Beeb have dropped him, and he’ll probably be snapped up by an Indy in a moment so he’s not likely to be unemployed for long; OTHER people working in less noticed areas however (like the NHS!), are losing their jobs EN MASS, and they WILL have problems with paying rent, feeding themselves, heating their homes etc. and they actually DO something other than sit in a studio playing records and waffling about whatever vapour enters their vacant minds! And some of the people “Up In Arms” are the kind of fuckers that wouldn’t have given Baker the time of day 30 years ago; Stephen Fry is complaining about it, ffs! Fry uses more talent when he’s taking a shit than Baker has displayed in the last 30 fucking years! You may have noticed that last weekend a small HURRICANE knocked the shit out of the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Cuba before moving across to the USA and demolishing large parts of infrastructure and property in NY/NJ and parts of Canada, but you are more concerned with a fat cockney cunt losing a cushy little number. Stephen Fry, Mitch Benn, and others have dropped in my opinion, but DB was never even ON that list so they’re safe for now, which is more than can be said for the residents of Havana.


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