A small introduction and rant.

I am 46. During my life a number of things have happened: England won a world cup (and promptly went down the toilet), a man landed on the moon, the Soviet Union has collapsed, and the global population has doubled. We still have war, horror, and idiots that believe in some kind of god that created the entire universe, but those people are becoming more marginalised, and as they do they become more extreme, more vocal, more violent. Over the last 1,000 years Human knowledge has increased many times, but still people cling to the “It’s all GOD’S doing!”. Every year when a Hurricane or some other extreme weather condition hits the US some cretin will say “This is GOD punishing us for being rational/tolerant/reasonable!”. I want someone to explain Meteorology to these idiots; it may take some time, it will involve lots of diagrams, and possibly a big stick with a nail in it, but it HAS to be done. Likewise with that idiot muslim imam that said “Earthquakes are caused by immodestly dressed women”, he could use a book on how plate tectonics work. “Science can explain all this!” gets met with “THAT IS THE DEVILS WORK!” from that kind of fuck-wit, though, and in the US people ELECT them to high office! Some are on the Science committee, despite not accepting Evolution, or the Big Bang theory of the creation of the Universe, and claiming these are only “Theories from the pit of hell!”. We have a few crackpots in the UK (Nadine Dories, for instance), but they’re the exception, and a thankfully rare one, but in the USA you have SHITLOADS more; in Europe they’re mostly a Lunatic fringe, in the US they’re mainstream! And this scares the LIVING SHIT out of me, especially when you spend about 300 times more money on weapons than you do on Housing, Education and Healthcare COMBINED! The USA is a young nation, but so is the Federal Republic of Germany, and they’re a fuck sight more sensible than the USA, so we can’t use that as an explanation. Maybe it’s due to excessive inbreeding, but that’s just a facetious throw away comment (and also possibly true in the more rural parts on such a huge land mass). Could it be, however, connected to the fact that you spend 300 times more on weapons than on education etc? Fuck knows, but when you look at a nation that accepts gun-crime as an every day act of life but then goes apeshit when someone pops out their tits on National TV you REALLY have to wonder about the maturity of that nation. “We don’t have a problem with severed heads or gunshot wounds on daytime TV news, but JANET JACKSON nearly caused the fall of our great nation and offended GOD!”. GROW THE FUCK UP, AMERICA! You beep out words like “Shit” on TV news, but leave the bit with the chainsaw and the baby seals uncut! Do you think you have, perhaps, fucked up your priorities?